Discover Nature’s Allure at Phetchabun

Phetchabun is a province noted for sweet tamarinds, Nam Nao National Park, Si Thep Historical Park, Khao Kho Monument and the history of Pho Khun Phamuang.

When talking about Phetchabun (346 km from Bangkok), first thing coming to people’s mind is its cool climate and impressive scenery. Phetchabun is situated in the southern part of the North of Thailand.

Since the province is not too far from Bangkok, Petchabun is another excellent choice for travellers who seek refuge in nature.


Muang County

Traiphum Temple is an ancient temple housing Phra Phuttha Maha Thammaracha, the most sacred Buddha image of Phetchabun. The image is said to be found (about 400 years ago) under the Pasak River in front of this temple. Realizing the sacredness of the Buddha image, people of the region brought it up to be kept in Traiphum Temple for worship.

Then another miracle happened on Sat Thai* day the next year, when the Buddha image vanished from the temple and was found floating in the same place in the Pasak River where the Buddha appeared last time. Since then, on Sat Thai day of every year, a ceremony of immersing the Buddha image (Um Phra Dam Nam Ceremony) has been held in Phetchabun. There is a belief that if the ceremony were not held in any year, the Buddha would disappear, resulting in drought and a crop failure in the province.

*Sat Thai is a festival of the 10th Thai lunar month which roughly corresponds to September.

Tat Mok National Park The forests here are lush and surrounded with steep mountain ranges. The park proudly presents to you its two pristine waterfalls — Tat Mok and Song Nang. The former is a one-leap waterfall with a height of 750 m where various kinds of large trees are thriving. The latter has 12 leaps all of which travellers can reach by foot to explore them.

Sithep County

Sithep Historical Park The Sithep ruins date back to around 1,000 years ago when the Khmer power prevailing over this region was at its zenith. This ancient town was surrounded by moats. Covering an area of 4.62 sq km, it is divided into 2 sections –the inner and outer. The inner land is in the shape of a semi-circle while the outer is a rectangle.

Khao Kho County

Khao Kho refers to the Phetchabun mountain ranges, not a single mount. The name is derived from the name of Ceylon oaks (Kho trees in Thai) that grow in abundance here. People dubbed it Switzerland of Thailand because of the all-year-round refreshing climate. These mountain ranges were once the sites of fierce battles fight between the government troops and the Communists from 1968 to 1982.

Khao Kho Royal Residence is situated on Khao Ya Hill. Dedicated to HM King Bhumibol as a residence, it commands a panoramic view of the mountainous area.

Sidit Waterfall is a large one-leap sedimentary-rock waterfall with water all year round. A large pond awaits you to swim in. What’s interesting is a large hydraulic pestle with mortar for hulling rice invented by the Communists who once lived here.

Thung Salaeng Luang National Park In the cool season (from November to February) the weather here is specially cool and dry making it excellent for travelling. Its topography is limestone mountain ranges with vast meadows. Attractions in the park are such as Wang Nam Yen Rapids, Salaeng Luang Meadow, Nang Phaya Meadow and Nonson Meadow.

Thanthip Forest Park has several appealing attractions: Nam Wing Rapids, Madua Rapids, Pha Iang Rapids and Thanthip Waterfall. Nature lovers should not miss watching birds and butterflies of various species here. Besides, the park is ideal for astronomical observations.

Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park straddles areas of three provinces — Phetchabun, Loei, and Phitsanulok. It was another former Communist stronghold with a virgin forest, large tracts of rock of strange shapes, wild orchids and colourful lichen.

Namnao National Park is no less famous than Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park.It possesses attractive waterfalls, caves and a trail to explore nature.

Lomsak County

Pho Khun (King) Phamuang Monument is situated at the junction of the same name to commemorate and to glorify the good deeds that Pho Khun Phamuang had done to the province. The area was where the king gathered brave warriors to repel the Khmers out of the Sukhothai Kingdom (circa 1238-1438 A.D.).

Phonchai Temple enshrines the stupa of Queen Singkhon Mahathewi, a daughter of King Chaiworaman VII of Khmer who was sent to marry Pho Khun Phamuang to tighten the international relationship between the Sukhothai Kingdom and the Khmer Kingdom. In addition, King Chaiworaman gave a double-edged knife and a Buddha image to King Phamuang.

Lomkao County

Wang (palace) Tan was the location of the old palace of Queen Naowarong Thewi, the Thai queen of King Phamuang. At present people come to worship the queen’s shrine to ask for blessing for their love.

Famous Products

When you are in Phetchabun, you should not miss tasting roast chicken at Wichian Buri County and Khanom Chin at Lom Kao County. Khanom Chin is rice vermicelli eaten with various kinds of spicy gravy and vegetables. Another recommended item of Phetchabun’s best buys is sweet tamarinds which are available in plenty from December to February.


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