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Health Matters! 


Providing you take fundamental commonsense measures, you’re unlikely to have health issues in Vietnam.

Malaria is now an issue in just a few distant areas, and mass immunizations programmes have minimized the incidence of infectious diseases. In all cases, clever travelers will check with their native medical specialist, even when only to substantiate that really useful vaccinations are up to date.


Drinking Water


It is best to assume that tap water is dangerous throughout Vietnam. Bottled water, soft drinks and beer are freely available and cheap. Ice is generally comprised of boiled water, and should be OK; however it might be sensible to avoid it when you have a sensitive stomach. It isn’t a significant inconvenience – large refrigerators are commonplace, so chilled drinks are simply obtained.




Vietnamese food is usually cooked from fresh components, so getting an upset stomach is probably less possible in a street side café than in an international restaurant that re-heats pre-ready food.


Sunburn, sunstroke and dehydration


The main health dangers are the effect of the solar and tropical heat. European skin will begin to burn in a short time on a hot day even if the sky is overcast: reputable high UV protection barrier lotions and cream are essential. Sun stroke can also be a high threat: a wide brimmed hat that will shade the again of the neck as well as the eyes is better than a baseball cap. Heavy sweating attributable to high humidity drains the body’s water provide rapidly. Drink loads of water to replenish it and thus avoid disagreeable dehydration – several litres per day are generally recommended.


Sexually transmitted diseases


Like most countries in Asia, Vietnam has a drug problem. This, and a culture where discussing sexual matters is taboo, has led to dangerous sexual behavior and a rising incidence of HIV/AIDS and different sexually transmitted diseases.


Poverty encourages the sexual exploitation of girls – many younger women from poor rural areas flood into the massive cities to complement their family’s income. Prostitution is commonplace and sometimes related to drugs and crime. It’s clearly smart to keep away from casual sexual encounters in Vietnam, not only for health causes, but in addition as a result of many prostitutes and their pimps are adept pickpockets.




All nations, developed and undeveloped, suffer from epidemics from time to time. Unfortunately, governments in developed nations often issue travel warnings about health and different threats when the chance to travelers is miniscule. Vietnam has suffered from travel warnings associated to SARS in 2003 and avian influenza in 2004 and 2005. In each case, the precise risk of anyone, Vietnamese or visitor, turning into contaminated was many times less than being struck by lightning.


If one other epidemic or related health danger occurs if you find yourself considering a visit to Vietnam, we suggest that you check the Vietnam section of the World Health Organization’s web page, and, if essential contact the native representative in the Hanoi office direct on add telephone quantity to get a dependable danger assessment.


Travel warnings


For many years, developed nations have been issuing travel warnings after they consider their nationals are in danger abroad. Although these present necessary information for travelers, lately their numbers have drastically increased accompanied by a marked change of tone from recommendation to direction.


Many developing countries rely heavily upon tourism to bolster weak economies. A blanket travel warning the place the perceived risk is minimal can have a devastating effect on poor communities.


Apparently, the terrorist bombing in Bali in Indonesia in 2002 Trigg purple quick travel warnings from the governments of almost all the world’s developed nations, decimating the local economy. Nonetheless, when an atrocity on an almost identical scale occurred in Madrid in March 2004, the world’s developed international locations Considecrimson travel warnings point less!


Local Pharmacies:


Pharmacies are simple to find in the major cities in Vietnam and the remainder of Indochina. Purchasing medicines and drugs over the counter with no prescription is straightforward.


Nonetheless, you should be conscious that many of the items sold in pharmacies are likely to be counterfeit or expired. Lots of the antibiotics available listed below are out of date and their over-use has led to drug-resistance. If you are more likely to need treatment in Vietnam, it’s advisable to take it with you, or go to a pharmacy in one of the international hospitals or clinics


Hospitals and clinics


Health services are good within the big cities, limited in other city areas and virtually nonexistent elsewhere. For that reason, we require our customers to have complete medical insurance cover that features immediate transfer to a reputable health facility and evacuation overseas if necessary.


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