Vietnam Today

Rising from the shadows   The pace of change   For us, and for guests returning to the country after a period of absence, Vietnam is changing at breakneck speed. The potential bottled up by the war and the restrictions that followed as the painful strategy of reunification and reconciliation proceeded, is now being unleashed. ...


City Life in the 21st Century Vietnam

All Vietnam’s city centre, and particularly Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, can be nearly unrecognizable to somebody returning to the country after a five yr or extra absence.   Some changes in city centre could be immediately obvious…….   More variety   The jumble of open retailers spreading over the broken pavements, warfare-damaged buildings shored ...


Economic Issues

Vietnam is a country in transition, steadily dismantling a monolithic centralised ‘command’ financial system completely made up of state monopolies protected by subsidies and tariff barriers.   Some industries have already been uncovered to the chilliness wind of competition. For instance, Vinacoal, the state firm exploiting the nation’s vast coal reserves, now competes efficiently in ...


Vietnam’s Government

How Vietnam is ruled   Central Government   The Socialist Republic of Vietnam was formally established in July, 1976, upon the official reunification of North and South Vietnam. It has just one get together, the Vietnamese Communist Celebration based in 1930 by Ho Chi Minh, usually known as ‘the Get together’.   The Politburo   ...


Modern Arts

Portray   With just a few exceptions, portray didn’t develop into a developed art kind in Vietnam until the beginning of the last century, when the nation was below French rule. The colonists established an artwork school in Hanoi with a curriculum heavily biased in direction of French art, and particularly expressionism, an influence that’s ...


Government Policy

As a one-celebration state, Vietnam’s politics centre upon the Vietnamese Communist Party that dominates the nation by way of an oligarchy. A Central Committee of about 125 senior Get together members meets twice a year and elects a government body, the Politburo, with powers to provoke policy and direct the government. Provincial and native representatives of ...


Problems and Issues

Inhabitants:   Viet Nam’s present population is round eighty million, about 87% of which is the majority ‘Kinh‘ group principally dwelling in low-lying areas, and the remaining 13% in fifty-three different ethnic groups residing primarily in mountainous areas.   A population growth after the top of the warfare allowed Vietnam’s inhabitants to climb rapidly. Increasing ...



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