Vietnam Today

Vietnam Today

Rising from the shadows


The pace of change


For us, and for guests returning to the country after a period of absence, Vietnam is changing at breakneck speed. The potential bottled up by the war and the restrictions that followed as the painful strategy of reunification and reconciliation proceeded, is now being unleashed.


Within the cities, practically each avenue has a constructing website, slum dwellings are being demolished and replaced by modern excessive and low-rise dwellings, and new districts are being created in the suburbs to accommodate the swelling urban population.


Nation areas are being supplied with a clean water provide, electricity and new providers and facilities. Reservoirs are being built to ease water shortages and new coal and gas fuelled power stations are being opened.


Transport and communications are improving daily. Entertainment amenities are expanding, supermarkets are showing, and tourism infrastructure is opening up new areas and places to visitors.


No aspect of Vietnam’s every day life escapes attention, and no-one is unaffected by the modifications that are taking place.


The social side


Change isn’t impartial – it at all times creates winners and losers. Our government treads a slim path in balancing the advantages of change with the social disruption that it causes. Thankfully, the overwhelming majority of our individuals understands the issues and support the measures launched to deal with them.


Working together


Our nation has a protracted custom of communalism. Within the 21st century, communalism is manifested in ‘mass actions’ – national campaigns to overcome social problems corresponding to poverty, drug abuse, pollution, well being issues and so on. Involvement comes in many types, attending meetings, donating money and items and so forth, however the principle form is volunteering time to assist. The Ho Chi Minh Youth Union, the Girl’s Union and different massive national organisations can mobilize thousands and thousands of people to help in building bridges, working with handicapped folks, cleansing up soiled beaches and a host of different




Challenges and successes


Vietnam’s issues are shared by all developing counties. Every has its own strategy, and each has its success and failures. No strategy, system or model matches all – each country has a special context, so each has to seek out its personal way. By trial and error, and with help from our neighbors and the international community, we are studying classes and figuring out solutions in ways that match our national culture and beliefs.




We are now beginning to see the fruits of our labour. Poverty is falling, the economy is sound, industry is modernizing and tourism is increasing, for example. Vietnam has had several notable achievements within the well being area – it led the world in containing SARS, is attracting international attention by treating tuberculosis successfully, and is well on the best way to controlling malaria.


The long run


Despite our progress to date, we are solely originally of the street that leads to our eventual objective of ‘Independence, Freedom and Happiness’ – a vision laid out by Ho Chi Minh in his Declaration of Independence in 1954. We’ve got yet to come back to phrases with the main problems with wealth distribution, universal free well being care, full employment and all the opposite situations necessary for his dream to turn out to be our reality.


Every now and then, the views and attitudes of Asian folks in relation to their quality of life are surveyed. General, Vietnam is usually ranked someplace within the middle (an achievement in itself contemplating the nation’s start line). Nonetheless, in one category Vietnam is always at or near the top – optimism in regards to the future. We all know the going shall be robust; however we’re decided to get there!


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