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Local Currency

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Laos kip

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Thai Baht

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Vietnam dong



The Vietnamese currency is the Vietnamese dong (VND). It is non-convertible, and is at present trading at approximately 30,000 VND to £1.00 GBP and 19,000 VND to $1.00 USD. The largest denomination of notes in general circulation is the 500,000 VND, worth about £17.50 GBP or $31.50 USD. The speed of inflation in opposition to the dollar is low.


Cash have not too long ago been introduced in its place for low-value notes; however they don’t seem to be popular.


Exchange charges are more or less the same in banks and currency exchange factors, and barely increased in licensed gold shops.


In the cities and tourist centers, US dollars are often acceptable in outlets, eating places and hotels, but not by avenue traders, ‘cyclo’ drivers and so on. You need to make sure that you are familiar with the exchange fee and know in advance how a lot you need to pay and the way much change to expect.


The primary entice for tourists is paying inflated prices when unfamiliar with the system and the currency. It’s in all probability simpler to change your money into local currency and focus on getting used to it. Attempting to pay in dollars gets complicated – with such large numbers, the conversion is difficult unless you’re a whiz with a calculator.


ATMs are actually commonplace in the cities, and practically all accept the primary credit score cards. Travelers’ cheques may be exchanged for local currency, but are hardly ever acceptable in lieu of cash or credit score cards.




The official currency in Cambodia is the Cambodian Riel (KHR). It is also non-convertible, and is presently buying and selling at around 7,500 KHR to £1.00 GBP and 4,100 KHR to $1.00 USD. Inflation is low.


In follow, the US dollar can be used as a substitute currency within the cities and cities, so there isn’t an actual need to buy Riel Credit card facilities in Cambodia are restricted, but US greenback travelers’ cheques are straightforward to exchange for cash in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. The Australian ANZ and a local financial institution have mixed to create the ANZ Royal Bank. The new venture is introducing the country’s first international ATMs. Nevertheless, it will be a protracted time earlier than money machines seem outside Phnom Penh, and presumably Siem Reap.


The Thai Baht is also acceptable within the west of the country.




The official currency in Laos is the Laotian Kip (LAK). As soon as again, it’s non-convertible, and is at the moment trading at around 19,000 LAK to £1.00 GBP and 10,500 LAK to $1.00 USD. The inflation price is unstable.


Although the Kip is the official currency, the US Dollar and Thai Baht are broadly acceptable. US dollar travelers’ cheques are straightforward to cash, however credit card services are minimal and ATMs non-existent.


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