Booking your tour

Booking your tour

Gia Linh Travel

Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar Tours

Gia Linh Travel

Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar Tours

Gia Linh Travel

Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar Tours

The booking process:


This may be as long or as short as you wish. For those who’re completely happy with your first draft as it’s, that’s fine. If you want to spend every week, a month or extra adjusting and refining it, that’s wonderful too. You gained be hassled to make a deposit, and we gained be cross when you decide not to e-book with us on the last minute.


With every revision of your Vietnam vacation package, you may all the time get a revised value which can be higher or lower – no ‘further’ charges other than these associated directly to your requests will creep in. The price will at all times be agency, and no surcharges or ‘extras’ will seem later on.


We don’t charge for the design and improvement course of no matter how lengthy it lasts, and you’ll be under no obligation.


Making a booking


Once you have agreed the itinerary, the primary commitment you make is to pay a deposit. For your protection, our operating license requires us to take care of a safe bond that the Vietnam Nationwide Tourism Authority can use to compensate you if we fail to fulfill our obligations to you.


We’ll ask you to transfer the deposit to our account at our financial institution – we’ll present all crucial SWIFT codes and intermediary bank particulars to ensure speedy transit. Once it arrives, usually inside two or three working days, we’ll affirm its receipt and start making firm reservations for you.


It’s as much as you while you do this – it may be nearly up to the date of your arrival if you happen to wish. However, there are a number of ‘peak durations’ in Vietnam when main festivals and events restrict the availability of transport. Furthermore, most service providers and hotels in Vietnam won’t accept ‘provisional’ bookings.

In the event you want to make certain of getting what you want, the earlier you book the better.


We don’t charge for making changes after booking


In contrast to most travel operators, paying a deposit or the full cost of a tour doesn’t mean surcharges when you want make amendments to your itinerary. With Gia Linh Travel, you’ll be able to carry on the drafting process so long as you want – the worth will go up and down in keeping with the amendments you want, however nothing might be added for making modifications.


You’ll also find that, in comparison with other Vietnam tour firms, our cancellation coverage is each fair and generous.


Booking Situations


The total textual content of our booking circumstances will give you detailed information in regards to the course of and methods of fee, and we’ll be happy to help if something is unclear.


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