Bokeo province is in the northern Laos, with its capital extending along the bank of the Mekong River. The three country borders intersection (Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar), known as the “Golden Triangle”, is located here. The Province is home to a large number of ethnic minorities, each with their own lifestyle and customs


The named “Bokeo” means the pits of sapphire or called “Keo-Praseuth” because it is a rich mining center for gold and sapphire. Sapphire is the most important mines and has been known for many centuries. Many historical sites could be found for instance; the trails of the city of Souvannakhomkham, one of the ancient cities in the 14th century. Ancient rocks namely; Hinsivaling and Nhonee (the rocky shape of male and female organs) found in the 5th century in Tonfeuang.


Attraction lists:


1. Vat Chom Kao Manirath: the religious site located on the top of small mountain.

2. Sapphire Industry Plant: is located a 10 km north to Muong Houay Xay.

3. The cave of Tham Lot: Tham Phrabat and Buddha footprint located in Nam Nhou area a 56 km from Houay Xay.

4. Ethnic Culture: the tribe of Lantan at Ban Namchang, Hmong villages at Ban Salakham a 16-18 km from Houay Xay. Mouxeudam and kao (the black and white Mouxeu tribes), Koui, Yao, Akha or I-kor in Muong Meuang about 120 km from Houay Xay.

5. The ancient town of Souvannakhomkham: located in the area of Muong Tonpheung district a 56 km from Houay Xay. remained as the trail evidence of the civilization and history. It was installed in the XIV century. The Buddha image of 7.11 meter wide and 7.22 meters high.

6. Done Xao (on the Mekong): one of the big island area of 38 hectares located near the golden triangle sites, the border of 3 countries: Laos, Thailand and Myanmar. Particularly in December, the wild forest flowers named Dokghiopar were opening in the island. It is very wonderful and keen to eyes.

7. Hinsivaling and Nhonee: The symbol of the ancestors, the Hinduism Image. It was found in the fifth century and very sacred, its size of 3 meter round and 2 meter long. it is looked like the organs of the male and female and found in Ban Namkeuangkao village in Tonpheung district.

8. Nature and Caves: in Pha-Oudom and Muong Paktha, there are hot spring water, windy hole, water falls, jungle and plenty of wild animals.


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