Why should you book a Myanmar tour package in 2016?

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Myanmar is the ideal traveling destination for those who love adventuresomeness, novelty and  a little bit of nostalgia.


Come to Myanmar – the golden land for wanderlust.

The thing that interests tourists the most while being on Myanmar tour package is admiring the ancient beauty of pagodas and temples and feeling the placid of streets. Despite the fact that recently, Myanmar has opened to welcome tourist coming, however since Mynamar government hasn’t focused on Myanmar tourism industry, tourists will feel like they are the first foreign travelers coming there to discover this mysterious land. Besides, Myanmar tourism is asserted to be one of the best destinations that wanderlusts should not make light of.


Watching sunrise and sunrise in Myanmar

It would be a great loss if you are on a Myanmar tour package but fail to see the spectacular view of dawn and dusk here. The best destination to admire the marvelous beauty of sunrise in Myanmar is the picturesque Ubein bridge located in Amarapura ancient village (which is considered to be the longest teak wood bridge in the world). Regarding the ideal place to welcome the first pristine sun rays of the day, nowhere could be better than Bagan.


Myanmar tour package – a tour to discover the land of more than 2.000 temples and pagodas

With a multitude of gigantic Buddhist pagodas which have been built by Pagan kings for centuries, it is undoubtable that Bagan is one of the greatest archaeological sites in the world.

Shwedagon Pagoda

Shwedagon Pagoda

With more than 2.200 pagodas remaining until today (among 13.000 pagodas in its zenith), you can explore to your heart’s content. All the pagodas here are located near each other thus you can choose the means of transportation: walking, cycling, bus, tuk tuk or balloon.


Feeling the beauty of Myanmar

Being on a Myanmar tour package, you will be impressed with one of the making up method using natural ingredient which is called Thanaka. Thanaka has natural sweet flavour, which is used to cool down the skin and protect the skin from sunlight.

Normally Burmeses dissolve some water to the powder, then use a brush or some cotton to draw on the face. You will find it interesting seeing girls with animal figures drawn on the cheeks during the tour package.


Inle lake – one of the must-go destinations in Myanmar tour package

Being one of the most popular destinations in Myanmar tour package, Inle lake is known with the unique way of fishing. Even though Myanmar tourism industry has seen a great development recently, Inle lake can still keep its own natural beauty. Coming to Inle lake, you will have chances to experience the feeling of living inside the floating house, which is the best place for you to wallow yourself in the hypnotising attractiveness of nature.

Top ten attractions in Myanmar holiday packages: Inle Lake

Top ten attractions in Myanmar holiday packages: Inle Lake


Resting in stunning beaches in Myanmar tour package

With the coastline longer than 2000 km, Myanmar possesses a lot of undiscovered beach. Being on a Myanmar tour package, there is nothing better than resting in the poetic beaches belong to Bengal bay, especially Ngapali beach which is 45 minites driving from Yangon.


Myanmar tour package – the land of amazing cuisine

Even though Burmese cuisine has been strongly influenced from India, China, Thailand and many other ethnic minoritíes, Burmese dishes still have their own attraction. Not only are food in Myanmar delicious but they are also sophisticated in culinary proccess. Especially, they are really cheap. If you hace chance to come to Yangon or Bangan, you should take your chance to enjoy its amazing street food such as tea, Nangyi thoke , samosa salad, barbecue and savoury curry.


The splendid beauty of Mandalay

It only takes you 30 minutes air travel to come from Bagan to Mandalay. This is a city of dust, however only by leaving the bustling and hustling cities to visit the gorgeous sculptures here could you fully comprehend the hypnotising beauty of the land once known as the capital of Myanmar. Therefore, this is one of the must-go places in Myanmar tour package.


Making a pilgrimage to Buddhist land breathing fresh air

Kyaiktiyo pagoda is one of the most popular attractions in Myanmar tour package. Coming to Kyaiktiyo pagoda (also called Golden Rock) and enjoy the ethereal beauty of nature from the summit is a nice experience for visitors. Golden Rock is famous for its tottery position and the walls covered with golden places. Legend has it that the reason why Golden Rock could stand still despite its tottery position is thanks to a strand of Buddha’s hair. Buddhists from all over the world often come there to show their respect to the Surpreme Being. When coming to this sacred place, you should wear clothes which cover both shoulder and knee.


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