Weng Fun Siow from Australia

  1. Guide (s):

Mr. Huynh (Guide in the North): Spoke very good English. Very informative and tells us stories. Very courteous and helpful with regards to my mum’s mobility. Always helped my mum to get in and out of the car, always asked if she is ok.

Mr. Phong (Guide in the Centre): Guide in Hue/Hoi An. A bit more difficult to understand his language, not as informative probably due to lack of confidence in his English. Compared to Mr. Huynh, maybe because of his age, initially he is not as mindful with regards to my mum’s mobility. In fact I noticed that the driver is more mindful as he always get down from the car and come round to help my mum get in and out of the car. I think he learnt from the driver as on the last day I noticed at My Son he was more mindful.

Guide is Nha Trang is very good. Spoke very good English and very helpful. He did not accompany us on the boat trip but when we mentioned to him that we were a bit disappointed as we didn’t go to Munn island for the snorkeling due to bad weather and that there was no paddling in round boat. He rang up the boating company for an explanation.

Mr. Tai (Guide in the South):

Spoke very good English, very informative and helpful. He told us we should visit Mekong delta the next time.

  1. Accommodation:

Army Hotel (in Hanoi): Suite was spacious. However, there was a problem with the heater in one bedroom and we were very cold on the first night. Told the hotel to fix the problem the next day and it was slightly better. Location is away from the main city centre area and the area was quiet and not as bright at night so we didn’t feel as safe walking out at night.

Asia Hotel (in Hue): Hotel was nice and in good location. However our room was at the front and we got woken by voices at 5 am, think they were employees coming to work. Breakfast was the best. Hotel staff friendly.

Pho Hoi Riverside Resort (in Hoi An): Hotel was nice and in good location and scenic by the river. However, behind the hotel are residential houses and my daughter wasn’t impressed when she was woken by the roosters at 5am.Good breakfast too.

Vien Dong Hotel (in Nha Trang): Hotel room was spacious and good location. However, hotel staff weren’t as friendly. There are a lot of families with children, very noisy especially when they were on the floor above us.

Elios Hotel (in Ho Chi Minh Hotel): Very nice hotel, good location and hotel staff especially the bell boys are friendly looking, always smiling.

  1. Transport (car, boat and plane):

All the drivers are very experienced. We admired their driving skills as we wouldn’t have dared to drive in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. The boats are good too. It was very very crowded at Hanoi airport in the check in area, nearly missed our flight because of the airport staff.

Flight to Ho Chi Minh was delayed by an hour. The guide at Ho Chi Minh had a long wait for us. After our bad experience at Hanoi, we were very surprised when we went to Ho Chi Minh airport for our flight home. The airport is newer and very spacious and Visitors aren’t allowed into the check in area.

For your information, we didn’t have to pay for departure tax at Ho Chi Minh airport. It has been included in the flight ticket.

  1. Restaurants:

The restaurant in Hanoi for lunch was the best. They also prepared a very good vegetarian meal for my mum. The seafood on the boat at Halong bay was very fresh and nice too. The one at Hue was also good, very nice décor .Found the food at Nha Trang restaurant a bit oily, not very nice. My mum didn’t enjoy her vegetarian meal at Ho Chi Minh, she found it very bland.

  1. Places you visited:

We enjoyed all the places we visited though Halong bay was very cold and foggy. As mentioned above, we were a bit disappointed with the Boat trip at Nha Trang. We were also surprised that we have to pay to go onto the beach on one of the islands. Though not much, we were a bit surprised as there wasn’t much on the island and compared to Australian beaches, it wasn’t anything special.

  1. Design and management of your tour:

We are pleased with the design and the management was extremely good. Tan kept us updated with the status and the changes. Communication was excellent. I am happy to provide reference checks for any of your customers and will also be recommending your service to any friend and family.


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