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The ultimate fun when having Vietnam tour packages is not only about being amazed by the astounding exotic scenery, but also getting surprised by the unique features of culture here. The history of Vietnam has intermingled to form a diverse, unique and amazing culture.


Vietnam tour packages are enticing with exotic sceneries

Vietnam tour packages are enticing with exotic sceneries


17 fun facts about Vietnam tour packages


Let’s learn about culture of Vietnam while laughing out loud with the fun facts that we have collected during our tour packages in this beautiful country!

#1: The shape of Vietnam is kinda similar to the letter “S”.

#2: Vietnamese believe that they are the children of God and the Dragon King. It is according to the creation myth of Vietnamese that long time ago, Mother Au Co, who is an immortal mountain fairy, married Lac Long Quan, who was the second Hung king of ancient Vietnam, and gave birth to an egg sac. The egg sac then hatched a hundred children who are considered to be the anscestor of Vietnamese. I was so lucky to be able to hear the story directly from a Vietnamese elder during my Vietnam package tour; It was much more better and interesting.

#3: In Vietnam, New Year holiday is called “Tet holiday” and it is not celebrated on the first day of the year. The date of Tet holiday changes each year because it is calculated based on lunar calendar. Therefore, you might have chance to enjoy New Year holiday in this country if you make a tour package to Vietnam in spring.

#4: The longest cable car system is in Vietnam. It is the cable car system which links Vong Nguyet Hill and Ba Na Mountain.

#5: The traditional costume of Vietnam is “Ao dai”. It is usually mixed with poem conical hats (also called “non bai tho”).

#6: Halong bay is recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is also the most well-known destination in Vietnam tour packages. Having vacation package to Halong bay, you will be amazed by the ethereal sceneries here.

#7: The beaches in Vietnam were praised to have the most alluring sceneries in the world. Angeline Jolie has to acclaim Vietnam beaches to be the most attractive destinations after her tour package in Vietnam. The best beaches can be listed such as Da Nang, Nha Trang.

#8: Out of the rice exporters in the world, Vietnam is the second largest one. Contemplating the immense rice fields in Vietnam is my pleasant favourite while I was on tour in Vietnam. It gave me cozy and delighted feeling.

#9: One of the most special sports in Vietnam is “sepatakraw”. It looks quite similar to volleyball, but you have to hit the ball by leg, knee, chest and head. It is also prevalent in Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.

#10: Gambling is forbidden in Vietnam. Only some government licensed casinos are legal to take part in. So, be careful if you are about to play casino in your Vietnam tour package.

#11: Vietnam has the strangest taxi service in the world. Only with a little money and an elephant will be your unique means of transport!

#12: In the international ranking of food in 2008, Vietnam was of the third place. The cuisine in Vietnam is diversity with over 500 different kinds of traditional food, including both vegetarian food and non-vegetarian food. This is also the reason why I love Vietnam tour packages! It’s heaven of delicious food!

#13: The culture of Vietnam is influenced by French culture and Chinese culture. Therefore in Vietnam you can find some products whose names is original from France.

#14: Bai Dai beach was awarded to be the one of the top ten best exotic beaches in the world by ABC News Australia.

#15: The most common surname in Vietnam is “Nguyen”. About 40% people in Vietnam have this surname, even though they are not relative. So, don’t be astonished if during your travel package you always bump into people whose name start with “Nguyen” everywhere!

#16: The miss world 2008 which is the 57th contest was organized in Nha Trang, Vietnam.

#17: In 2009 and 2010, the expeditions of British Caving Association, which Mr.Howard Limber was the leader, have announced that Son Doong Cave is the biggest cave in the world.


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