Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia tours – Cooperate for better development

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Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia tours – Cooperate for better development


The location of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia provides these three countries a wonderful potential of connectivity for tourism development. On 11th September, the international tourism exhibition of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia development triangle has been held with the theme “Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos – three countries, one destination”. This exhibition was kicked off by Binh Thuan people’s committee at Sea Link hotel in Phan Thiet city.

In this opening ceremony afternoon, Mr. Le Tien Phuong, who is the chairman of Binh Thuan People’s committee, said that this exhibition was held with the purpose of introducing the potentials and advantages of each provinces and regions to attract investment and cooperation. Mr. Le Tien Phuong also revealed that exhibition of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia tours will be opened from 11th September to 12th September to offer chance for investors and travel agents asking information, making contracts, buying and selling things for better development.

Binh Thuan is projected to attract 4.5 million tourists coming in 2015. This province is continue asking investment for great tourist projects by many appealing incentives in building high quality resorts and entertainment centers, golf courses, spa, sport centers on sand dunes, beach sport centers, etc. After this Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia tour exhibition, Binh Thuan is expected to reach higher development in tourism industry and entice more tourists coming from Cambodia and Laos.


Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia tours – Cooperate for better development

Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia tours – Cooperate for better development


Speaking at the exhibition, Mr. So Visothy – Deputy Minister of Tourism of Cambodia – revealed that in 2014 there are about 1 million tourists traveling from Vietnam to Cambodia and 300.000 tourists traveling vice versa. Cambodia will continue to boost the development of tourism industry to increase the number of tourists from Cambodia to Vietnam in 2015.

“The northeast region of Cambodia has high potential to attract investment and develop tourism with multitude of herritages such as waterfalls, mountains. Moreover, Cambodia has modern traffic system connecting to Vietnam which is the main contributor to high number of tourist coming from Vietnam. In the last year, we had about 1 million travelers from Vietnam and this number is expected to increase in this year” – said Mr. So Visothy.

Mr. So Visothy asserted that with our current Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia tourism strategy, the number of travelers will definitely increase rapidly, especially tourists to Binh Thuan with fabulous beach and luxury resorts.


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