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If you are planning to visit the forest during holiday packages to Vietnam, then this is the right article for you. Below I will share with you some tips to protect yourself from forest leeches during the tour.

Tips to protect yourself from forest leeches during Vietnam holiday packages

1. Use drugs:
To prepare for a holiday package to explore the forest, you should do some research about the necessary drugs that we should bring along. There are many remedies for leeches shown on the Internet.

There are many kinds of remedies: soap, eucalyptus, salt, lime, vinegar, lemons, DEP drug, drugs containing DEEP,…

Besides, you should cover all your body with sockets covering trouser legs. The active element DEET is very so effective in counteracting forest leeches that scientists use it as a main element in drugs for leeches. It is OK if DEET’s content is 13-30%.

Many people consider drugs for leeches (DEP, Soffell, even DEET,…) not effective. I contribute that to your misuse. There are some tips to protect yoursefl form leeches:

Appy salve inside: from knees to feet (when it is dry), from hip to thighs (when it rains), ears, neck, shoulders, arms, and armpits;

Apply salve outside: the slit for shoelaces, sockets, trouser legs, shoulder shirts, hats,… You can use sprays for convenience.

Let your trouser legs in sockets. The kinds of pants made of 100% thin nylon which becomes dry fast after getting wet are advised.

Watch out for the surroundings to find out leeches on clothes, and let them drop. If not, they can get along belts, or splints shirt to crawl inside your clothes.

When you get bitten by a leech, quickly get it out.

Experiences to protect yourself from forest leeches when backpacking in forests.

2. Use salt:

I have seen many times ethnic people (they almost don’t have DET, or sockets) only wear plastic sandals which are very tenacious, and convenient for passing streams. If you get bitten by leeches, you can quickly take it off. However, if you wear sockets, that will complicatedly take a while of time.

The ethnic often brings with a bag of salt. It is very necessary. For example, you can use salt to eat forest vegetables ( it is very delicious with a little seasoning, and green peppers, and dried fishes, crabs, and frogs. An useful item for any holiday package, right?

It is more surprised that you only need to apply a pinch of salt on the part biten by leech. Immediately, the leech will drop. The wound will stop bleeding and itching. (It is as if you are antiseptic with salt).

3. Use tobacco plants:
You don’t need to wear sockets, you even can let your feet naked. You only need to take some tobacco leaves, and scrape them on your feet, and shoes. Leeches will never come near you.

4. Use spinosas:
Scrape guava spinosas on your hands, and feet, and any parts not covered by clothes. It can proctect you from leeches.

It you get bitten, you will bleed, and your blood can not coagulate. Rub some mosses on rocks, and apply on the wound. Ferns are very effective, too.

Chut people in Hatinh has a kind of leaves that can protect you from leeches. Kinh people don’t know its name.


How to get a leech off if you are bitten in Vietnam vacation packages

Below are some do’s and don’ts when you are bitten by forest leeches during Vietnam vacation packages.

Shouldn’t: use fingers to pull leeches. That can make wounds infected.

Should: use the top of fingers press on the skin and slowly remove the leech. It is very effective.

Deal with a bleeding wound:
– Take a piece of tape
– Wash the wound
– Use thumbs press on the wound until it stops bleeding
– Apply tape on the wound
– After 15 minutes of checking the wound, change the tape.
Finally, in places where there are many leeches, you should look out when it rains:

Prepare for your trip packages to the forest

Prepare for your trip packages to the forest

Don’t sit where it is bushy on the ground. You should choose somewhere airy such as on a rock.

Don’t stand, or sit for a long time in places of many leeches

Sweep out rotten leaves, spray, drop salt on the ground, or catch a fire to get leeches away.

Last but not least:

Leeches don’t harm your life

Don’t ignore other risks such as mosquitoes, snakes, tigers, yellow flies, or even cold!

I hope you enjoy your trip package to Vietnam and have a wonderful adventure to the forest!

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