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Sometime, the popular destinations in Vietnam holiday packages can not make you “wow” like the off-the-tourist-map destinations. Vietnam has a lot of hidden gems that haven’t been explored, and Hon Mot is one of those. Thank to less tourists coming there on holiday, the landscape can still reserve its pristine beauty. Let’s have a holiday in Vietnam and contemplate the beauty of this fairy land on earth!

Hon Mot – a fairy land abandoned in Phu Quoc

When it comes to holiday in Phu Quoc, people often think of colourful corals or Sao beach of white sand, and forget that 2/3 of its area are primeval forests. Many places are waiting for your discovery during your Vietnam holiday package, including Hon Mot.

Hon Mot is located at Bai Thom Commune, in the North East of Phu Quoc island. There are 2 ways leading to Hon Mot. The first is the way along the route: Nguyen Trung Truc, Duong Dong – Bai Thom. The second is the way that starts from Duong Dong to Ham Ninh, and continues to Hon Mot.

Train is not necessary because Hon Mot is only about 200m from Phu Quoc island. Before you had to walk through the sea to come Hon Mot. Now, a bridge has been built to support the development of tourism here. However, you still can walk. Water is not deep, and fresh.

From Hon Mot, you can clearly see Campuchia. The distance from there to Campuchia is only about 4, 5 sea mile. It’s quite fun to see Campuchia on a holiday package to Vietnam!

Hon Mot (Phu Quoc) - wonderful destination for Vietnam holiday packages

Hòn Một (Phú Quốc) – wonderful destination for Vietnam holiday packages

Sand here is not as white as one in Sao beach, but the water is fresher. 

The first impression when you come here is that sea spinach grows everywhere on the ground, with green surrounding you.

Get along the only paved with rocks, you will see a small shed for camping all day without any disturbance.

Hon Mot is covered by a variety of kinds of plants, and a long-lasting forest, making you feel as if you are lost in a fairy forest.

It’s wonderful to immerge yourself with the nature and let your mind be free from every pressure of life. Worth for a Vietnam holiday package, right?

Peaceful, and fresh landscape is very suitable for people who are looking for a private place in their holiday package. Hon Mot is nearly separated from the outside world, with no noise, no dust.

Many beautiful scenes are suitable for artists working or who wants to build an album of wedding or people seeking for photo tour package.

You should prepare food and drink in advance for camping overnight. If forget, you can drop in Bai Thom to buy seafood or chicken to make a bbq party with your friends, or your family.

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