Tips for visiting Van village in Danang

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Van village in Danang is very quiet. It is separated from busy city life, from overcrowding and traffic noise. If you decide to go camping in Van village at night, you will feel the magnificence of Danang nightlife which is totally different from daylife

What is Van village? It is simply a village named Van. If you want to know more , explore it yourself. It will be more interesting. This writing will help you to find the way to get there. In case you get lost, ask local people for help.

Use Maps to search for Nguyen Tat Thanh street in Danang. At the beginning of the street, there is a bridge named Thuan Phuoc and you can hire a boat to get to Van village at the end of the street. Ask local people how to hire a boat.

Crossing rail tunnel

When you and your friends reach Hai Van pass, stop by a railway on the right and park you vehicles. Then walk to railway tunnel. Ask rail station guard about schedule. As far as I am concerned, there is a train every 30 minutes. Then cross the tunnel. Inside the tunnel, there are some slots. If the train is coming while you are in the tunnel, you can enter such slots to be safe. Each slot has capacity of 3 to 4 people.

Tips for visiting Van village in Danang

Tips for visiting Van village in Danang

Moutain trekking

You can drive motorbike to Hai Van pass. There is a coffee shop which is several kilometers far from the foot of the pass. You can park your motorbikes there and ask for way to Van village. The cost for parking during the day is 10 thousand dong and 30 thousand dong at night. After you reach railway, you can choose between:

– Continue trekking. It is quite hard but very interesting

– Turn left and walk about 1 kilometer. You will see a white signposts leading to Van village. Turn right and make for the beach. As for me, the beach struck me as “Bullshit everywhere” because buffalo dung was everywhere.

There are 3  main spots in Van village

– Dua spot: It is near Danang city.

– Chinh spot: It is the habitat of Van people many years ago

– Xoan spot: It is place for camping at night. From here, you can get the gorgeous view of sunrise.

Notes:  it is quite difficult and takes much time to reach Van village, there are some points to notice. It takes from 90 to 120 minutes to travel from parking place to sand dune in Van village. So you should manage your time suitably If you plan to leave during the day.

Bring enough camping gears such as tent, torch If you want to go camping. If you lack anything, you can hire at fanpage “ Camping gears for tent in Danang” or at website of Danang trekking fan. Each person should back a torch for safety as it is very dark when you cross the rail tunnel.

Bring enough drinks and food for cooking. Besides, it is advised that you wear sport shoes for convenience.

The very first thing to do when reaching Van village is to go to border post to register name and address and show your identification card. Then you can freely explore Van village in your own way. Have a good trip!


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