Tips to have a wonderful travel from Vietnam to Cambodia

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If you are planning to travel from Vietnam to Cambodia for the first time, then this is the right articles for you. I have traveled from Vietnam to Cambodia for many times, and below is my tips for a memorable tour to Cambodia from Vietnam.

Tips to have a wonderful travel from Vietnam to Cambodia

Money is the first problem you need to care about if you want to travel from Vietnam (or other countries) to Cambodia. Cambodia uses Riel as the official currency unit. 1 Riel is over four dongs of Vietnam, or 4000 Rei= 1USD. However, Campuchia also consider USD as their Riel, so you don’t have to exchange. It is cheaper for you to exchange money at the border gate other than in PhnomPenh. The exchange rate is 25.000d/USD.

 When travelling from Vietnam to Cambodia, you don’t have to bring along too much clothes because in Cambodia, clothes are sold at a cheaper price than in Vietnam.

Passport: you have to bring with yourself all the time when have a tour to Cambodia from Vietnam.

Map of PhnomPenh and Siem Reap: You can make use os a smart equipment such as galaxy tab 10,1 P7500

Information (especially phone number of entertainment’s site and hotels in Cambodia)
Drug: You should bring some drug in case of stomachache, or flu. Drug

Bath towel: I got a bad experience traveling from Vietnam to Cambodia because of forgetting bath towel. Some guest houses don’t supply bath towels, so remember to bring some.

Mobile phone: Sims are sold at a cheap price. The fee for a call from Cambodia to Vietnam is cheap, too.
Sport shoes should be brought with you because in Ankor, you need to walk, and climb very much.

Customs information: Bring less than 3000 USD to avoid being asked. It is free of tax for goods of less then 300 USD. In fact, they almost don’t inspect anything. They just inspect the suspected packages.

Tips to have wonderful travel from Vietnam to Cambodia

Tips to have wonderful travel from Vietnam to Cambodia

Traveling to other countries, you should have some basic understanding about language of the place you are going to come. Knowing some Cambodia word will definitely bring you benefits for your travel to Cambodia. Some common Cambodia’s words are transcribed by Vietnamese and listed as below:
1: Muôi
2: Pi
3: Bây
4: Buôn
5: Po-răm
6: Po-răm Muôi
7: Po-răm Pi
8: Po-răm bây
9: Po-răm buôn
10: Đốp
20: Muôi phây
30: Sam sấp
40: Se sấp
50: Ha sấp
60: Hốc sấp
70: Chet sấp
80: Pết sấp
90: Cau sấp
100: Muôi rôi
1000: Muôi Pô-on
10000: Muôi mơn
100000: Muôi liên
Common communication
Hello: Xua sơ đây
Thank you: Okun
Sorry: Xôm Tốs
Goodbye: xôm lia
No: Tê
Yes: Miên
I love you: Boong srong lanh on
Bowl: Chan
Dish: Chan tiếp
Spoon: slap pô-ria
Chopstick: Chhong kơ
Knife: Căm bất
Glass: Keo
Rice: bai
Cake: Num
Delicious: Chho-nganh
Hungry: Khô-liên
Eat: Si
Cash: Cớt lui
Ask for more rice: Sum bai thêm
Ask for more cold tea: Sum tức tee thêm
Ask for more ice: Sum tức có thêm
Hotel: Son tha kia
Motel: Te som nak
Room: Bòn túp
Key: Sô
Bed: Kô Rêe
Pillow: Kho-nơi
Blanket: Phui
Phone: Tu ro sap
Sleep: Đếk
I want to rent a room: Kho-nhum chơng chuôi bon túp muôi
I want to have my room cleaned: Kho-nhum choi oi rip bon túp
I want to return the room: Kho-nhum som bon túp
Go where?: tâu na
Near: Chít
Far: Chho-ngai
How many: Pon-man
Station: Chom-not lan
Go ahead: Phlu chiết
Turn right: Bos sadam
Turn left: Bos sveng
Bycicle: kon
3-wheel bycicle: tuk tuk
Motorbike: moto
Ferry: Lan krong
I want to buy this one: Kho-nhum chơn tin muôi nis
How many is this?: À nis thlay pon man?
Can you give me a bargain?: Chot thlay os

Necessary addresses to travel to Cambodia from Vietnam
Vietnam Embassy in PhnomPenh: 436 Monivong Blvd, 362741 – 362531
TheSing Tour: Vietnam No 245 – 248 De Tham District 1, HCM City Tel: 84 8 38376833 – 38376838 fax: 38369322
In PhnomPenh: No 106 – 108, 230 Phsar Deum Kor Street, Khan Toul Kork Tel: 855 23 99 3461
In Seam Reap Road Charles de Gaulle Tel: 855 63 96 64 61

In PhnomPenh, the bus often pay passengers near Psar Tuol Tom Pong market (also called as Russian Market). It is similar to Pham Ngu Lao in Ho Chi Minh. There are many hotels for foreigners here at the price of 12 -15 USD/ room for 2 people (convenience and service are limited). The service of money exchange, food and drink, motorbike taxi, tuk tuk, bicycle hiring, etc are all supplied. If PhnomPenh is only a stop destination, the hotel here is suitable for your movement.
If you want something more luxurious and romantic, you can choose Boeng Kak lake, or Tonlesap river bank, Independence monument. However, the service is more expensive.
You can travel to Tuol Slen Museum in PhnomPenh. Killing Field is 15 km from PhnomPenh, Bac pagoda, Royal castle, Psar Tuol Tom Pong. At night, walking along the river bank, or dropping in foreigners’ street, diamond island, etc are very interesting.
To a backpacker, one of the most expensive things is entry ticket for Ankor. There are 3 kinds of ticket: for 1 day (20 USD), for 3 days (40 USD), for 7 days (60 USD).
If possible, you should spend at least 3 days in Ankor. A day is not enough for Ankor with spectacular temples.

Means of transportation to visit Ankor Wat: bicycle, electronic bicycle, motorbike taxi, tuk tuk and of course, car, helicopter, and air balloon. You should ask for price before using motorbike taxi, or tuk tuk, about 12-15 USD/ day for motorbike taxi, and 18-20 USD/ day for tuk tuk.
However, I finally find out that the best vehicle is electronic bicycle. The ways to Ankor is introduced very clearly. At front of temples of Angkor, electronic bicycles are all kept, and its’ battery is changed. All are free. Those places are marked specifically in the map, which you can take for free when hiring electronic bicycles. The price is 8 USD per day.

The must-visit sites when traveling from Vietnam to Cambodia: Ankor Wat (many tourists concentrate here to watch sunset because this tower faces the West), Ankor Thom (It is about 9 km2 with a majestic structure), Bayon (a famous temple with a smiling statue of Buddha, Ta Prohm (It was the studio for the film Tomb Raider). In addition, there are many beautiful temples such as Phnom Bakheng, Banteay Srei, Preah Khan.

Food: There are all kinds of food in Ankor. However, remember to bargain (The price they talk to you usually triple the real price. If you are from Vietnam, this might not be something too surprising.)

Souvenirs: you can look for unique presents for your travel from Vietnam to Cambodia at the Old Market (but do not forget to bargain). At night, you can walk around this area to have dinner, drink a cup of coffee. Most of the restaurant and coffee shops here are nice.
Nearly all tourists in Siem Reap gather here at night. That’s why this place is bustling and hustling at night, which makes Siem Reap a perfect destination to have fun on holiday to Cambodia. You can read books, check mail with free Wifi, listen to music, drink a cup of coffee, and talk with friends from all around the world.


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