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While I was lying in a sofa, watching television and boredly zapping the channels, the phone rang. My friend called to invite me to make a backpacking trip to Ninh Chu with him that weekend. I was immediately excited by that invitation.

The name “Ninh Chu” is both strange and familiar to me. In fact, Ninh Chu is not a famous destination to many tourists. “ Let this trip help me discover the wildness and simplicity of it” I told myself.


Something about Ninh Chu

Ninh Chu is a beach which is 5 kilometers far from Phan Rang city. It is located in Khanh Hai town, Ninh Hai district, Ninh Thuan province. With cool and warm climate all year round, Ninh Chu is considered a beautiful and wild beach with the length of 10 kilometers. Ninh Chu beach is arc-shaped and located in a peaceful and romantic space.


When is the best time to travel to Ninh Chu?

As for backpacking, it does not matter when you decide to go backpacking. Whenever you feel excited or sometimes you just need a phone call from your best friends, a backpacking trip can begin

Nevertheless, the weather in Ninh Chu is not always sunny. The best time to make a backpacking trip to Ninh Chu is early May or summer months ( from May to August). During this time, the sea is smooth. Rain season begins from late October to December, making backpacking more difficult.


How to get to Ninh Chu?

Ninh Chu is quite a new travelling spot to many tourists. Infrastructure investment is negligible.

There are 3 ways to get to Ninh Chu

By coach:  you should make for East Station and buy tickets from reputed ticket agencies such as Que Huong, Tuan Tu, Lien Huong and Quoc Trung. Coaches usually drive from 5 pm to arrive at Phan Rang station. You should depart from 9 pm. It is 5 kilometers from Phan Rang station to Ninh Chu beach

By train: it is more time saving to travel by train than by coach. Visit the websites of  rail transport companies for more information about schedule to seek your ticket.

By airplane:  At present, there is not an airport in Phan Rang. Therefore, If you want to get to Ninh Chu you have to go to Cam Ranh airport then make for hotels in Ninh Chu.

Tips for vacation tour to Ninh Chu

Tips for vacation tour to Ninh Chu


Accommodation in Ninh Chu

Although Ninh Chu does not have many hotels but its current hotel system ranging from hotels of cheap price to luxurious ones can meet all the needs of visitors.  Belows are some suggestions for you

 – Ninh Chu Saigon hotel: it is a 4 star hotel of modern style. It will definitely bring you ultimate comfort.

 – Den Gion resort: it has Champa stlyle. Especially, with the service of dedicated staff, you will be highly satisfied.

 – Hoan Cau resort (2 star): it provides means of entertainment for tourists, including children

 – Long Thuan resort ( 3 star) it is located near center of Phan Rang city and offers services of cheap price such as heating, wifi.

 – Thai Binh resort: it service is acceptable.

If you have large budget, you can choose to stay in Ninh Chu Saigon hotel and Den Gion hotel.

If you want to save money, hotels and hostels near the beach are suitable for you.


Ninh Chu beach

Ninh Thuan travel usually refers to Ca Na and Co Thach beach travel. Ninh Chu beach is not widely known to many tourists due to the fact that it is far away from the town and national route.

However, Ninh Chu beach travel will surely bring you special experiences that are different from other beaches. Ninh Chu beach has a coastline of 10 kilometers with blue water and fresh air. Here tourists can go swimming, fishing and diving. Nearby, there are poplars forest and magnificent moutains.

There is a poplar garden near Ninh Chu beach where tourists can lay cushions to relax.

Sands in Ninh Chu are not white, they have slight yellow color, The beach is very clean and quiet as few people go swimming. There is a hotel near the beach which is very well- furniture with reasonable price. If you go on a business trip, you should visit Ninh Chu beach. It won’t never let you down.

From Ninh Chu, tourists can head for Tri Thuy village which is surrounded by beach and moutains. There are some old temples and tiled houses in the moutains. Not far away, there is a wild beach with rocks of strange shapes. If you want a space of peace and privacy, it is the best place for you


Specialities in Ninh Chu

Ninh Chu is very famous for grapes and products made from grapes such as grape wine. It is wonderful to enjoy fresh  sweet grapes or drink a glass of grape wine.

Ninh Chu dishes are not fussy and reputable but it certainly awakes senses of gourmets. The most delicious dishes such as seafood, rice with chicken will make you remember taste of South Central Coast.


Some notes for you

No matter when you travel to Ninh Chu, you will be likely to suffer from sunlights. Therefore, remember to pack the following items:

 – Hat, gloves, gauze mask, sun cream

 – Personal drugs, mosquito repellent, insect repellent

 – Always bring a bottle of water for constant water supply

 – Bring tents and a coat if you want to go camping

 – Swimwear

 – Raincoat.

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