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Doing homestay for Vietnam package holiday is more profitable than fishing


Apart from Mrs. Thuy’s family, other families are equipped with skills related to homestay for Vietnam package holiday.

When it begins to get dark, Mrs.Thuy’s families welcomed 20 visitors on Vietnam holiday tour visiting her home unexpectedly. Most of them are Western foreigners. A tour guide introduced her families to the visitors “This is a homestay family. All daily activities in this house represent the cultural indentities of the North of Vietnam”

Immediately after the introduction, she and her family members warmly invited the visitors to come in. All of the visitors raised their thumbs and smiled “very good!”

To visitors’ surprise, Mrs. Thuy boiled water with sea salts. She said that bathing with this is beneficial to health.  She said “Foreign visitors having holiday packages in Vietnam particularly prefer bathing water with sea salts and a little champagne. We have sea salts available in our house and champagne can easily bought. Therefore, they pay us more than usual”.

She has a garden of about 2000 square meters but she does not have enough time care for it. Therefore, she decided to build a hostel to serve travellers on Vietnam tours. Furniture is simple including a bed with bamboo mat, a bamboo chair, all of which are favored by visitors.

“ We like dinner the best. There are salty Vietnamese eggplants, grilled belly, clam soup, etc…and they are all not expensive” said Mr. Kamubel, a Sweden tourist. According to him, he was satisfy with this holiday package to Vietnam.


Doing homestay for Vietnam package holiday is profitable

’’ †Doing homestay for Vietnam package holiday is profitable


Usually, she charges each tourist 120 thousand Vietnam dong for a day and a night. “It is not too expensive but it gives us more money than fishing”. According to her, each year she earns nearly 200 million Vietnam dong from doing homestay for holiday tours.

According to Mr. Bui Van Khoi, head of Information and Culture Office of Giao Thuy District, homestay is being developed in many towns in Giao Thuy District such as Quat Lam, Giao Xuan and Giao Phong. “Thanks to homestay and the development of Vietnam holiday packages, many families are earing more money” he said.

Ecotourism has been developing considerably over the past few years in Giao Thuy due to Xuan Thuy National Park – the first national marine park of Vietnam which is also called Ramsar

Tours called “Ramsar journey” are being exploited to serve tourists. The journey aims to offer tourists opportunity to explore unique marine ecosystem in Ramsar. It also helps tourists to experience daily life of people in coastal areas through entertaining activities. Besides, tourists have chance to interact with local people during their holidays in Vietnam.

According to Xuan Thuy National Park’s managers, the motto of “Ramsar journey” is “take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints”. “Participating in this tour, you can propose your ideas to contribute to the preservation of marine life” a member of managerial council said.

The most important factor in “Ramsar journey” is that tourists will discover the life of migratory birds, get the view of peaceful Red River Delta and enjoy traditional performance to know more about Vietnam culture during their holiday packages.


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