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Welcome to Gia Linh Travel, your personal travel agency in Vietnam. We can help make your vacation to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia a memorable and hassle free experience. Our services include: themed and custom-made tours, ticket booking, and hotel recommendations. We offer professional and careful handling of all kinds of groups within Vietnam and Indochina with competitive prices. Email us with details of your travel plans or complete our enquiry form and expect a detailed response within 20-24 hours.

Founded in Hanoi in 2007, today, we operate in a network of the most important tourist centers in the country. Gia Linh Travel is well known in international markets for its quality and good service.


Our registration details are below:


Company name Gia Linh Travel Co. Ltd
Head office 105A1/447 Ngoc Lam St., Long Bien Dist., Hanoi
Phone +84 43 6503888
Brand Office in Thailand No. 25/A2, Nak Niwat Soi 21, Lad Prao 71, Bangkok 10230
Phone +66 841627028
Brand Office in Cambodia Sala Kanseng, Svay Dangkum, Siem Reap
Phone +855 63765503
Brand Office in Myanmar 109, Sinh-oo-dan Street, Latha Township, Yangon
Phone +951371105
Brand Office in Laos Hom 07 Ban Nasamphan, 13th North Road, Luangprabang
Phone +856 71252789
Web sites
Business’s license number 0102029445
Issuing authority People’s Committee of Hanoi City , Dept. of Planning and Investment, Business Registration Office
Date of issue January 02, 2007
Bonding Account 0540000107243 at Vietcombank


Meet Our Team:



Managing Director: Mr. Nguyen Van Luong
Luong has graduated from Tourism Department at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in 2002 with a Bachelor degree. After 2 first years working as an English speaking tour guide, he knew much about attractive places in Vietnam as well as what the customer really wants. He then took over the jobs of an online sales executive cum tour operator in two years so as to excel in the office skills.It is until early 2007 when all the local expertises have been well achieved, Luong decided to run his own business and take the company’s name after his beloved wife’s.His ideas for Gia Linh Travel are small company but flexible and concentrating on the needs of particular clients. He is a person with full of characteristics, a funny and golden heart man. He like playing soccer (English: football) in the afternoon, dancing classical ballroom in the evening, drinking beer after working.
Vice Director: Ms. Tong Thi Thuy Linh

Linh is the most important person to Luong in both his life and business. She graduated Culture University in 2003 and has just achieved Master degree at the same cultural course. After working hours, she proves to be a good house wife at home and a thoughtful mother of two-year old son, whose nick name is Dingo (Australian dog). Linh’s interest is ballroom dancing, shopping and trying diversified kinds of foods in all countries whenever she goes for holiday.

Sales Manager: Ms. Bui Hoai Thuong
Thuong was graduated from Hanoi University (formerly named Hanoi University of Foreign Studies) and joined Gia Linh Travel in 2008. She also is one of the first members of Gia Linh Travel. In comparison with other members of Gia Linh Travel, Thuong seems to be more mature as she is a proud mother of two lovely children. Please try not to ask Thuong about her child unless you want to listen to her endless stories :). Besides, it’s said that Thuong has an easy-going characteristic. She likes pop music and excursions with friends and family (despite having little free time).
Operation Manager: Ms. Thach Thi Lan
Lan is one of the first members of Gia Linh since it’s founded. It’s said that she’s rather unfriendly when you first meet her. However, she’s so different with humor and open-heartedness once you’re her friends. Lan likes listening to music and her happiness is seeing the smiles on her dear people’s faces. She’s now so happy with a good husband and a nice son!
English Sales Executive: Ms. Hoang Thi Thu Ha
Ha joined Gia Linh in 2010 after she’d got her own family with a husband who is 9 years older than her. She’s a traditional woman that always try to spend much time with her family. Her hobby is traveling and singing (she can sing many kinds of music). She’s also kind enough to give you a hand whenever you need. Seeing Ha at the first sight, you will think she’s so silent, but she’s rather friendly and talkative when being friends.
English Sales Executive: Ms. Chu Bich Phuong
Phuong is one of two single girls at Gia Linh travel. She graduated from Tourism department of Hanoi Open University and worked for Gia Linh travel from February, 2011. She likes travelling with her family and friends, reading books, listening pop music and singing (karaoke). Phuong hopes that she will have chance to discover many countries in the world, especially Europe in the near future:)
Spanish Sales Executive: Nguyen Thu Thuy
Thuy es una de los miembros más jóvenes de Gia Linh. Estudió español en la universidad de Hanói y empezó a trabajar en Gia Linh después de graduarse. Le gustan viajar con amigos, escuchar música, y leer comics, sobre todo los mangas japoneses. En futuro, espera tener oportunidad de viajar a los países hispanohablantes para descubrir sus culturas y practicar su español. De momento, lo que más desea es tener mucho más experiencias para poder hacer su trabajo más productivo y eficiente.
Accountant: Ms. Thach Thi Van
Being trained as an accountant and Van had three year experience in this field at Gia Linh Travel. However, the pleasures of flight ticketing lure her away from accountant job and she has decided to change her position to work at ticketing department of Gia Linh Travel. She is now working well in this new job and is highly appreciated due to her assiduousness, carefulness and friendliness. She likes playing badminton and shopping. Now she comes back to work both with Accounting and Ticketing.
English speaking tour guide: Mr. Tran Minh Son, Guide in the NorthSon is a good friend of Luong at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities. He had a son and wife living in Hanoi together with his family. His dream is earning money as much as possible to buy his own house. He likes playing soccer but he does it badly. He is friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and amusing. “Very entertaining and a pleasure to have as a guide” is what our clients thought when traveling with him.
English speaking tour guide: Mr. Tran Ngoc Huynh, Guide in the NorthHuynh was born in 1973 and has 5 years working as a tour guide. To all our clients, he is  highly appreciated due to his courteous, outgoing, and careful characteristics. What is more, he was a man full of energy. Unlike others, Huynh first graduated from Hanoi University of Transportation and Communication. But the passion for tourism turned him to another way. He started learning English and took part in in-service English Department of Hanoi University. He is now doing a good job at Gia Linh Travel. He like reading books and playing badminton besides the time of traveling.
English speaking tour guide: Mr. Nguyen Tien Dan, Guide in the North
“If somebody were asked me to go to a foreign country and serve there with a good salary, I will refuse this offer. Because I love Vietnam, my country with friendly people and a thousand years old of history and culture. So I choose my job as a tour guide. I like this job; it always makes me be active and meet every people in different countries. I want to introduce the ways of life, foods, scenery and culture of my country to every people in the world. You can see the beauty of Vietnam through my eyes and my smiles. Please come to visit Vietnam with me, I will give you more than your expectation!”This lovely words comes from the 32-year old man whose name is Dan. He graduated from foreign language university. He is talkative, friendly, helpful and romantic. He loves fun, and he has sense of humor. He can make the people around him smile and relax by telling funny stories. He likes football and table tennis, but he do not like boxing. He is fond of listening to music and watching TV. He is also interested in reading books – “reading widens my knowledge that is very useful for my job” as he said. Dan has been succesfully working as the tour guide for 10 years so far.
English speaking tour guide: Mr. Tran Hoang Hai, Guide in the Centre
Hai graduated from Danang University of Foreign Studies and has been working as
tour guide since 2000. Not only is Hai super friendly, he is also helpful and well-informed. Hai enjoys reading books about history and the world of animals. He loves nature, sports and adventure travel. Let our clients tell you more about him:“Mr Hai was very knowledgeable and we learned a lot from him about Vietnamese history. He spoke excellent English. He was punctual in collecting us, always arriving before the arranged meeting time”“An excellent guide – both his knowledge of the Citadel in Hue and the ruins at My Son, plus his English communication was outstanding – one of the top guides of the tour”


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