Kathie Davidson from USA

  1. Guide (s):

Mr. Luong (Guide in the North): There are two kinds of people in the world – those that create problems and those that solve them.  Luong is definitely the later – a problem solver!  He wore many hats throughout the trip.  For two weeks he allowed us the flexibility to enjoy Vietnam and took care of all the details along the way.  Working with a group of 23 – each with individual preferences and personalities can be challenging – Luong found personal and small ways to connect with each!  In the Mekong we ran into trouble with traffic and the ferry –  Luong simply made a phone call and the adventure off the bus began – in less than five minutes we were loading up on the river taxi and headed to the Victoria.  Never missing a beat or a smile!  Luong has seen all of these sites many times – yet he let us experience them and smiled along as if it were his first time.  Luong is mature beyond his years and delightful!  Thank you for staying with us from Hanoi to the junk boat to Ho Chi Miinh City!  I look forward to contacting Luong in the future for a return visit!  Thank you very much Luong!


Mr. Co (Guide in the Centre)  Anco was very informative.  He learned all of our names in short order and used them!  Anco was animated and lively each day.  I really appreciated his stories and depth of knowledge. Thanks Anco!


Mr. Tung (Guide in the South)  Tung was  an open book and very pleasant to be around.  He shared personal experiences with us and allowed us to experience Ho Chi Minh and the Mekong in our own way.  With such diverse backgrounds he openly shared his experiences with US vets and their return to Vietnam.  Thanks Tung!


  1. Accommodation:

Sofitel Plaza Hotel (In Hanoi) Beautiful view from one side of the hotel.  Well located in Hanoi.  Great breakfast buffet with lots of choices.  Staff was very helpful and always ready to make a suggestion.


Imperial Hotel (in Hue) Well situated hotel. comfortable rooms – okay breakfast buffet.  Staff was helpful and pleasant.


Golden Sand Resort (In Hoi An)  Very large facility.  I was impressed with the facilities – pool and beach area.  Rooms were comfortable.  I had little interaction with the staff as Hoi An was such a fun city to venture into!


Equatorial Hotel (in Ho Chi Minh City)  Rooms were comfortable and the concierge staff was very helpful!  The hotel was undergoing renovations, so noise was a factor from time to time.  The rooms were very warm in comparison to other hotels.  The staff paid attention to many small details – they even had a breakfast for us when we left at three am!


Victoria Hotel (In Can Tho)  Amazing hotel!  Such an unexpected treasure in the Mekong!  Very well run professional staff.  I really enjoyed this hotel and the amenities they offered.


  1. Transport (Land, water and air):

What can I say but that I never had to worry about any of the transportation – air, sea and land and that means you did a wonderful job!  The drivers were polite and very patient!  Thank you for the flawless/seamless moving of such a large group!


  1. Restaurants:

In the North: Hanoi – first lunch is still one of my favorite meals in Vietnan!


In the Centre: Hoi An – Mr Kim’s restaurant …loved it so much I went twice!  Great small out of the way suggestions were amazing  – like the hole in the wall at the end of the beach!


In the South: Victoria Hotel – we had a western style meal (the only one I had in Vietnam… and I was not disappointed!  It was a culinary trip through the Mekong Delta and I enjoyed each restaurant we went to.


  1. Places you visited:

We hit all of the highlights that whet our appetites for a return visit to Vietnam.  As teachers we learned about parts of Vietnam’s history that add to us teaching abetter understanding of Viet Nam!  I was amazed at how in one day we could experience something as sobering as the Cu Chi tunnels and the culinary trip of the Mekong!  I found myself seeing the many facets of a complex culture and history that is Viet Nam all in one day.  Thank you for all the work you put into planning such an amazing adventure in such a beautiful country.  I learned so much about the people, history of, and present state of Viet Nam!


  1. Design and management of your tour:

Great, professional and we hit many highlights!  I will have to say there is so much more that I would like to see and experience in Vietnam!


  1. Are there any recommendations or criticisms of services, restaurants, shops, visit sites and so on that you’ve visited on your own?

The only item I would have wanted to do that we did not do – was a home stay in the Mekong!  Time not permitting – a longer tour of Vietnam to do some personal connecting would be my recommendation for those travelling in the future!

I would also have enjoyed visiting with schools and educators.  The hour I spent visiting two small schools in Danang was wonderful.  As educators being around students and schools is where we can make connections and come to life!  This was our planning error though, not yours!


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