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Having know the Myanmar tour package’s price, where to go and what to do, you could easily arrange your own tour to this beautiful country. Check our post below to get useful tips for your own tour!


Best time for a Myanmar tour package

In Myanmar, there are three main seasons in a year: autumn, rainy season and dry season. Among them, autumn is the best suitable season for Myanmar tour package (from November to February), when it is less rainy and the weather is more pleasant. This is also the high season of Myanmar tour package, which results in high price, therefore if you want to save money, it is advisable to tour in the off-season.


How to travel to Myanmar

The most common mean for traveling Hanoi or Hochiminh to Myanmar is either taking a flight of Vietnam Airlines to Yangon or walking from Thailand or Laos to Myanmar. The price for a round trip ticket Hanoi – Yangon is about 6-7 million VND. However if you are able to buy discount ticket, you can save half of the price, which is about 2.7 million VND.

Top ten attractions in Myanmar holiday packages: Golden Rock

Top ten attractions in Myanmar holiday packages: Golden Rock

When on a Myanmar tour, if you want to travel from one city to another city, you can buy flight ticket or use motor coach.
For domestic travel in Myanmar, you should consider some low-cost airline below:


Hotel in Myanmar

Price of accommodation is one of the most important thing you should consider when preparing for Myanmar tour package. The cost for hotel room in Myanmar is considerably more expensive than in other countries in Asia. Rooms with standard quality is 20-25 USD/room/night more or less. Cheaper price is getable by bargaining.
For convenient travelling, you should rent a hotel room in the center area. Nowadays, Agoda is the most famous booking website in the whole world, with quick and affordable service, in which you can save up to 40% booking price.


Some ideal hotels for Myanmar tour package are listed below:

Inle Lake area:
– Inle Princess Resord
– Shwe Inn Tha Floating Resort
– Paramount Inle Resort
Yangon area:
– Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon
– Inya Lake Hotel
– Savoy Hotel
Bagan area
– Blue Bird Hotel
– Zfreeti Hotel
– Bagan Thande Hotel, Old Bagan


Must-see destinations in Myanmar tour package

When having a tour package to Myanmar, it will be a great loss if you skip visiting any of the following destinations: temples and pagodas in ancient city Bagan, Inle lake which associates with the life of fisherman, defy-gravity Golden rock or Ubein – the longest teak bridge in the world.
Some famous attractions in Yangon are Swedagon pagoda, Sule pagoda and Boyoke centre-market. In Mandalay there are Atumashi and Mandalay Hill. When it comes to Bagan, do not forget to visit pagodas and temples here, such as Dhamma Yangyi, Shwezigon, Ananda, Sulamani Pahto, Thatbyinnyu Pahto. And do not forget coming to the new capital Naypyidaw.

Top ten attractions in Myanmar holiday packages: Shwedagon Pagoda

Top ten attractions in Myanmar holiday packages: Shwedagon Pagoda

Notice: Because the traveling destinations in Myanmar are quite far apart, therefore it will take at least 7-10 days to be able to explore all of them. One suggested itinerary for Myanmar package tour is Yangon – Bagan – Mandalay – Inle – Yangon. You should spend at least two days on touring and taking a rest, therefore you should deliberate your itinerary carefully.

Top ten attractions in Myanmar holiday packages: Taung Kalat

Top ten attractions in Myanmar holiday packages: Taung Kalat

The price to visit famous attractions in Myanmar (2013) that you might take a look at:
– Shwedagon Pagoda: 8$; Nga Htatgyi Pagoda: 2$; Botathaung Pagoda: 2$; Mid River
– Pagoda (Kyauk Tan): 1$; Kyaik Khauk Pagoda (Thanlyin): 1$; Maha Wizaya Pagoda: 200kyat; Karaweik (on the Kandawgyi Lake): 1.000kyat.
– Bagan zone: 15$
– Mandalay zone: 10.000kyat (bao gồm Ava và Amarapura)
– Mingun + Saging: 3.000kyat
– Inle lake zone: 10$
– Golden rock + camera: 6$ + 2$
– Bago zone: 10$
– Mark U zone: 5$


The culinary of Myanmar

You should find Myanmar foods restaurants to be able to enjoy the specialities here with many different kinds of food. Popular food here is noodles, cakes which are usually spicy. In Myanmar, you can also find Western food.
Some famous restaurants in Myanmar in Bagan are Queen Restaurant, Golden Emperor Restaurant, Moon Vegetarian and Myanmar Foods House.
Some famous restaurants in Inle lake are Golden Kite, Smilling Moon, Green Chilli and Aurora.


The shopping experience in Myanmar

– Myanmar is the country rich of woods and gems. Before purchasing, you should ask for price and try bargaining, even when it is marked price.
– You should not buy Buddha statues since they are not allowed to go through customs.
– When buying gems and jewelries, you should seek for licensed stores, since the customs will check these license.
– In term of fossils, you should not choose things which are too special and remember to take receipt.
Some other notices when having Myanmar tour package
– Burmeses use two major kinds of money, which is Kyat and USD. You should change your money into Kyat for more convenient payment, but remember to bring some small change to pay for buses.
– Every foreign tourists before coming to Myanmar should have Visas which are issue by Myanmar consulate and must be valid at the time of entering or exiting the countries.
– You should bargain for half of the price when buying souvenirs.
– Burmese usually greet each other “Mingalabar” which means “have a nice day”.
– The mena price to hire carriages is 20.000 – 25.000 Kyat/day,for electrical bicycle is 6.000 Kyat/day,for boats in Inle lake is 20.000 – 25.000 Kyat/day.


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