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If you are wondering where should you travel to during your holiday packages to Vietnam in 2016, then I would love to recommend Dalat.


Holiday packages to Dalat in the season of plums

In the weekend, my friend told me to have a holiday package to Dalat to take plums. I was very surprised that: “There are not plums to take any more! I live near Trai Ham, and I don’t see any gardens of plums”. My friend was very excited: “Trust me. You will see many ripen plums to take”. And that was how my holiday package to Dalat started.

We drove to Chi Lang T-junction, turned to Me Linh area, came to Ms.Tam’s house on Truong Van Hoang street. Vietnam is truly beautiful. A green space appeared with carefully cultivated daisies in a glasshouse, and ripen plums in the surroundings. We asked Ms. Tam for permission, and climbed trees to take plums, simultaneously eat some plums. Climbing tree was my most memorable experience in this Vietnam holiday packages. Ms. Tam happily brought baskets for us. It turns out that my friend climbs trees well, so Ms. Tam tell her to come to take plums for her every weekend. That’s why he have holiday packages to Dalat everytime.

Standing at the foot of those trees, I found that Dalat was more beautiful than I thought. Somehow I felt Vietnam holiday package was more attractive than ever. According to the latest research of American scientists, plum is listed as one of the fruits which are rich of antioxidants and phytonutrients. It also can help you to prevent some diseases. In addition to its febrifuge functions, plums are rich of vitamin E, and a large amount of acid neochlorogenic and chlorogenic which have the ability to prevent oxidation, get chemical substance, toxin out of the body, and are considered as the main factors destroying cells of cancer.


Holiday packages to Vietnam 2016: Travel to Dalat in the season of plums

Holiday packages to Vietnam 2016: Travel to Dalat in the season of plums


You only need to get 2-3 plums every day because it has many nutrients. It provides very little energy, and has no fat. Remember to eat the cover of plums, because it has many antioxidants.

Choose ripen plums, eat them too feel the sweet of them. Ripen plums are not sour. Indeed, nice fruit for your holiday packages to Vietnam.

“They are clean fruits, not drugs, so have them freely” – Ms. Tam told us. She told us to keep some nice bunches of plums for her guests from Saigon in a few days. She also told that: “This garden of plums is only for friends, relatives, or guests”. Tasting fruits was my favourtite activities in every Vietnam holiday packages.

Plums of Ms. Tam is not of the kind that Mr. Louis Piere brought to Dalat in 1930s, grown in Trai Ham, Trai Hanh, Trai Mat, Dinh An. That kind is no longer popular. Today, tourists prefer Cao Bang plums which are grown in Dalat as plums in Ms. Tam’s house. This kind of plums can be reaped all around the year, especially lunar May and November. It means that you can always taste plums in your holiday package in Vietnam. Wonderful! Ms. Tam told us: “I only plant plums for fun. It is very easy to take care of this kind of plums. It requires only 3 years to take its fruits. Plum trees also are becoming beautiful as ornamental trees”. Remember to have a tour package to Love valley. It is very beautiful.

Now, Ms. Tam reaps plums every week. If they are late to reap, the foot of trees will be full of plums. They take 30-40 kg at the price of 15.000-25.000 for each kg. Ms. Tam often stay at home to sell plums, or sell for fruit sellers. Ms. Tam also said that: “We don’t plant plums for earning money. If do, it is also profitable. However, planting plums needs a landmass which is very difficult to find out in a city.”

Moreover, this land is also full of ethreal sights. So, why don’t let yourself be amazed with the beauty of Dalat and eat rippen plums in your Vietnam holiday packages?


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