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It will be the opportunity for travelling with your family in some next days. Today, I will introduce to you some places for visiting when you travel in Danang.


Danang, the city of bridges:

What impresses you first in Danang are bridges. There are 6 big bridges within some kilometers: Thuan Phuoc, Han river, Dragon bridge, Nguyen Van Troi bridge, Tran Thi Ly bridge, Tuyen Son bridge, and ones under construction. Bridges in Danang have special features. For example: Han river swing bridge swings at 12:00 p.m, Dragon bridge spit fire at 9:00 p.m, Nguyen Van Troi bridge is only for walkers with coffee shops, cape restaurants,…


Danang, the city of beaches:

It means that you haven’t come Danang if you have not ever taken a bath at one beach of Danang, or dived into water to see colourful corals. Beaches of Danang are considered as most beautiful beaches of the world. Try dried cuttles, and remember to keep the environment clean, which can make the locals love you more. You can hire a room in hotels along My Khe beach. The price for each room is very various. 

Da Nang - the city of beaches

Da Nang – the city of beaches


Clean streets:

Danang is one of 20 countries whose streets are cleanest. Pavement is very large, with lines of benches, and trees for walkers. Wandering along 2.9 street, Bach Dang street, or have a cup of coffee in a store can make you see the young beauty of Danang.


Ba Na suspension cable, and green hills of pines:

It will be a disappoint if you have not yet visited this entertainment area which has become one of Danang’s feature. Ba Na suspesion cable has gained records of the world for its height and length. With suspension cable, you can see the beauty of landscape above your foot. Ba Na is special because it has 4 seasons in a day: spring, summer, autumn, and winter.


Son Tra eco areas for travel:

If you need a peace after hard-working days, Son Tra is a good choice for you. It is over 20 km from the city to Tien Sa harbour. You can feel peaceful, and fresh whenever you visit this area. It is always quiet here. Moreover, you can try becoming a fisherman in one day with the locals, or diving to see corals,…


Ngu Hanh Son:

Ngu Hanh Son is a famous place. It is the symbol of Danang city. You will be surprised by its unique system of caves: Huyen Khong cave, Quan Am cave, The Hell cave,… They make you not only curious but also scarced. Ngu Hanh Son is really a masterpiece the God gave us. It is also famous for traditional villages of sculpture. Workers can make rocks become statues of Gods, animals, or human. Bring your friends with some special gifts.

Danang has many interesting things that you can not list all. The locals are very friendly. Danang is considered as the place which is most worth living.

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