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Vietnam vacation packages are the most desirable tours in 2016, especially when Chinese holiday (also called Tet holiday) is coming close. Let’s discover the top 7 ideal destinations to travel in this spring to have the best memorable tour package in Vietnam!

Plateaus in the North such as Moc Chau, Sapa or Hue, Danang, Hoi An in central Vietnam are rated to be the best destination for Vietnam vacation packages 2016. Below is some helpful tips for organizing a perfect holiday in Vietnam.


Vacation package to North Vietnam

It is a wise choice to choose North Vietnam to enjoy your vacation during new year holiday. Visiting relatives and temples are traditional custom of Vietnamese during Tet holiday. However, some youngsters prefer to spend these precious vacation time to travel around Vietnam and explore all the hidden gems in this exotic country.


Tour to Dong Van, Ha Giang

Covering with pinkish cherry and white plum flowers blossoming, Ha Giang is truly a vision of charming beauty at the most beautiful age. In this wonderland, you can see children playing amid immense small colza field, smiling brightly in their colorful clothes which is embroidered with their traditional pattern. When the glow of dawn starts shedding light in this city, the whole landscape becomes fancifully alluring with flowers wet in dew and distant mountain range looming in the misty cloud. What an astounding beauty that could paralyzed any travellers. If you love nature and want to escape the hustling life of the modern city, Ha Giang would be a perfect choice for you vacation in Vietnam.

Notice: Remember to visit a H’mong family to savour a nip of corn wine and gather around the wood burning stove to enjoy your vacation in the mountainous Vietnam completely.


Vacation in Moc Chau, Son La

New year holiday is the best time to visit Moc Chau plateau. The time when chilled cold weather coming is also the time when plum flowers start blooming in Moc Chau. If you are used to the scenery of Moc Chau engulfed in green color of tea, then this spring vacation will definitely amazed you by a whole new appearance of this land: a limitless expanses of plum flowers with endless white color stretching, create an exotic view that beyond the imagination of human. Moc Chau is the second vacation destination where you could find the lively breath of wild nature.

From Loong Luong (Van Ho) to plum fields, you will find houses hiding behind the forest of plum color or children playing in the shade of trees.


Holiday in Sapa, Lao Cai

Sapa will be a little deserted when expatriates come back to their home for Tet holiday. This will be a great chance for travelers to enjoy holiday there. Everything, from terrace field to imposing Hoang Lien Son range, seems fresher and more burgeoning when spring come.

A moment of Sapa in Vietnam tour package

A moment of Sapa in Vietnam tour package

Notice: the weather might be very cold, so if you decide to visit Sapa during Vietnam vacation package, remember to prepare warm clothes and book accommodation in advance.

Tour to Yen Tu, Quang Ninh

Being the place where Truc Lam Zen was born, Yen Tu is a sacred place where thousand Buddhists pilgrimage during Tet holiday. After New Year eve, some people has already reached the peak of Yen Tu and prayed in Dong temple for a healthy and peaceful year. Visiting temple in New Year is a nice traditional custom of Northern people in Vietnam. If you are on a Vietnam tour package during New Year time, try mixing with the stream of people to have a unique New Year experience in “Vietnam style”.

Notice: The festival is on 10th January (Chinese lunar calendar), however Yen Tu will be crowded with people from a few day before that. So if you want to make a trip to Yen Tu, you should go earlier than 10th January or later than 15th January (Chinese lunar calendar)


Vacation package to Central Vietnam

Hue – Danang – Hoi An is a perfect combination for a Vietnam tour. You can book a 5-day-4-night Vietnam vacation package to visit these three awesome cities.

Tour to Hue (Thua Thien Hue)

Hue has many ancient attractions such as Thien Mu temple, tomb of Tu Duc, Khai Dinh which makes Hue deserve to be the most wanted destination in Tet Holiday. Don’t forget to try the tasty Hue mussel rice – one of the best speciality in Vietnam.

Hue - one of the must-go destination in Vietnam tour

Hue – one of the must-go destination in Vietnam tour


Vacation in Danang

Danang is a hot Vietnam travel destination in all four seasons with appealing bridges, pristine scenery of sunrise at My Khe beach, Son Tra mountain, Linh Ung temple etc. It would be a wonderful tour package to ride motorcycle over Hai Van pass. Try it if you have chance to travel to Vietnam.

Holiday in Hoi An, Quang Nam

Ancient street in Hoi An is a must-go destination in any Vietnam vacation packages. Being recognized as a World Heritage site, Hoi An is a city full of surprising. With narrow ancient streets, mossy houses, delicious “cao lau”, “madam Phuong bread” which is recognized as the most tasty street food in the world and Thu Bon river which is reputed to be Venice of Asia, Hoi An is truly a place to remember.


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