A Vietnam tours package to Ben Tre seeking for peace

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A trip in one day often is difficult to have unforgettable memories. However, our trip has been one of the most worth remembering trip of my life.


The trip begins at 03:30 a.m: Saigon – Dong Tam snake farm – Ben Tre

Our team has 5 people, and 3 motorbikes. It is at about 05:00 a.m that we drive most easily.

Dong Tam snake farm is considered as one of the largest snake farm in Vietnam, founded in 1977. There are about 400 kinds of snake here. Snakes are all locked in cages, or put in lakes. It is a challenge with me to visit this place because I am very scared of snake.

I had a fun moment here. I and my friend often ask for price before getting something. It can be called our habit. We asked for the price of a cup of milk coffee, and a bowl of noodles with eggs. She smiled, and gave us the price. She also asked where we are from, and for what we came here. May be she loved us, she told the guard not to take our entrance fee.

Some kind are kept in cages. There are pythons, too. Although I was very scared, I decided to come in because of curiosity. Don’t be scared because the guards will protect you.

We hired a tour guide with 120.000 per one. You only have to pay for lunch. Food in Ben Tre is very very cheap.

A Vietnam tours package to Ben Tre seeking for peace

A Vietnam tours package to Ben Tre seeking for peace

No matter how many people there are in your team, the cost doesn’t change.

The first place we arrived at was the manufacture of coconut candies –  a speciality of Ben Tre.

You can be taught how to make a coconut candy, or buy a packs with 25.000VND.

We also was taken to the factory of coconut dry pancake.

We had a chance to listen to “Đờn ca tài tử”. We were served with a table of food with watermelon, pineapple, jackfruit, rambutan, and especially the mixture of honey and coconut.

They take a rest before performing their performance. Although it is not may favourite kind of music, I felt happy when I finally can enjoy a traditional kind of music of the South West lands.

After that, we got on a boat. A great woman, and a girl took us to Con Phung.

2 lines of water coconut are on 2 sides of the river. Sitting on a floating boat gave me the peace.

If you have never visit the West, you should visit Ben Tre.

The tour guide will tell you the story of Mr. Dao Dua. He had that name because he only eat fruits, especially coconuts. He was imprisoned because of his protest against a policy of Ngo Dinh Nhiem. He fed dogs and cats to prove that opposite things can be together.

He died at the age of 81. After that, the island was named as his name. in the end of the trip, we had a chance to try a kind of pineapple with the favour of a coconut. It is 30.000 VND each fruit.

I felt very satisfactory because I had broadened my knowledge. It was 12:00. We had lunch, and took a rest to start to return home in the afternoon.

Prepare to have a smooth trip. We even dropped in My Tho before backing to Ho Chi Minh city.

I have had many trip, but this is the most unforgettable trip in my life. It gave me experiences which will help you broaden your mind. Travel is a way of experience.

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